Panda Update Recommended SEO Approach For Google’s Panda Update

Have you been affected by the Panda Update? Well you are not alone, for many the Panda Update spell the beginning of the end for traditional SEO or not so traditional SEO methods.

I have to admit that Google’s recent Panda Update appears to be killing off SEO’s left right and center. Could this be the death of the SEO? Well if you hit the forums one would suggest yes it is all over for traditional SEO positioning. One could be excused for stating the obvious Google has not only worked on an algorithm update but they have also patented this update.

Well lets face it people who is to really blame here? We are we have all but to much faith in one search engine now it appears that one search engine that we all created by using it and respecting it have shafted us all. It would appear that the almighty Google has set up a Pay and then you Play business model. Pay Per Click. Common people the writing has been on the wall for years and now you all want to bitch about this latest Google update. Bad luck for all the spammers and scammers your days are over and here is why.

While most of what works now, has always worked, there is at least one important change.

The SEO model has changed with Panda in that, rather than getting as many URLs as you can indexed, you now want only your highest-quality, most important URLs indexed. Consistent signals should be sent as to which pages are most important:

  • Decide which URLs are canonical and create strong signals (rel canonical, robot exclusion, internal link profile, XML sitemaps)
  • Decide which URLs are your most valuable and ensure they are indexed and well optimized
  • Remove any extraneous, overhead, duplicate, low value and unnecessary URLs from the index
  • Build internal links to canonical, high-value URLs from authority pages (strong mozRank, unique referring domains, total links, are example metrics)
  • Build high-quality external links via social media efforts

Pay special attention to number 3 above. If your properties have low-quality or significantly duplicative content, it is best to remove those URLs from the indexes. Even a site with some high-quality content and lots of thin or low-quality content could see traffic deterioration because of Panda.

The new SEO, at least as far as Panda is concerned, is about pushing your best quality stuff and the complete removal of low-quality or overhead pages from the indexes. Which means it’s not as easy anymore to compete by simply producing pages at scale, unless they’re created with quality in mind. Which means for some sites, SEO just got a whole lot harder.

If you’ve been bashed by the Panda Update then stop bitching and start contacting the team from Website Promotion the SEO division of InfoLink IT to discuss a positive strategy to move forward and regain your market share through Google organic listings.

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Written by Paul Klerck Head SEO Website Promotion and InfoLink IT.