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Uncle George Kaftans

Bonita Kaftans

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A kaftan is a long and loose dress that women in Pakistan, Persia, and select other middle eastern countries wear as traditional daily wear. Sometimes called a “caftan”, the dress is long enough to cover the ankles for length, and each arm goes to the wrist. Made of various materials, a kaftan is an adaptation of the robe that covers the woman modestly and sometimes fashionably. Traditional kaftans cover Islamic women as per their tradition. However, modern kaftans have a more haute and sought after appeal for the masses and are crafted for sitting poolside, going on dates, or simply making a statement. Regardless of how the kaftan is made or worn, the woman wearing it is most likely comfortable since none of the fabric is skin tight or restrictive. Buying or making one’s own kaftan can be a positive experience if one knows the history and purpose of the garment, as well as how to wear it appropriately.

Although traditional kaftans flow to the floor and cover the length of the arm, modern kaftan adaptations are the length of a T-shirt and they may even have short sleeves. Wearing a kaftan in warmer climates is appropriate around the world and is not exclusive to the areas east of Greenwich Mean Time. Wearing a short-sleeved kaftan and a pair of shorts or a bathing suit under it is not uncommon in tropical temperatures or even cruise ships for holidays. Although some areas of the world still wear traditional long kaftans, the new or modern twist might be the inclusion of pockets, new fabrics, and new patterns along the sleeves and neckline when applicable.