Seapen and Candock: The Newest Innovations in Docking System

Are you looking for the best solution to get rid of barnacles destroying your boat? You have come to the right place with Dock Pro, the leading experts in world’s docking system technology. If you moored your boat on water, barnacles tend to live underside of the hull and can destroy the boat in the long run. People sometimes opt for antifouling paints to reduce the risk of destruction but research shows that antifouling paints contain toxic elements that can harm the water environment. With Dock Pro’s Sea Pen and Candock, you can take your boat safe from these risks.

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The Seapen is an advanced dry docking system technology that is not a boatlift or air dock and keeps your boat at water level but not in the water. It is typically lower in the water than a normal pontoon. Also, the Sea Pen won’t detract from the appearance of your boat at your mooring and certainly won’t block your view. Whether it’s a powerboat, a catamaran, a deep keel racing yacht or a 100ft superyacht we have a SeaPen model to suit. Boatlifts and airdocks carry only limited weights while Sea Pen does not lift the boat, it simply creates a barrier between the hull and the water and keeps the hull 100% dry. Being said that, the hull of your boat and the running gear (props, shafts, stern drives, keels)are protected from growth, whether that is barnacles, weed, coral worm, mussels etc.

On the other hand, Candock modular systems are versatile and modular jetski docks, PWC docks and boat docks and can be designed to suit your own individual situation. It is ideal for the dry storage of all smaller watercraft such as jetskis, pwc’s, kayaks, tinnies and small boats up to about 2000kg. Candock’s modular floating system is ideal for pontoons and platforms in both recreational and commercial situations.

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