Travel The World With Letz Live Gap Year Placements

Are you interested in traveling abroad on a Gap Year? You can experience a once in a lifetime opportunity with Letz Live.

Letz Live offer Gap Year placements all over the world to work and live as residential staff in one of the world’s leading boarding schools. With placements available in Canada, China, France, South Korea, Thailand, Australia and the United Kingdom, you are sure to find the perfect Gap Year location for you. With Letz Live Gap Year placements you are offered the chance to see the world whilst mentoring and caring for the students of your boarding school placement. As a part of Letz live Gap Year placements you are provided meals and accommodation whilst you work in one of the country’s leading boarding schools. The roles and responsibilities that you may acquire at your boarding school will vary. Whether you are required to work on the sporting field, in a classroom or at reception, you must show flexibility and responsibility with your job.

Gap Year Placements are a once in a lifetime opportunity that you won’t soon forget. Offering you the chance to explore a new country and gain independence. You will share in a myriad amount of eye opening cultural experiences that will help you develop a new found confidence and maturity.

The rewards and benefits of the abroad work experience will change your life forever and with the 24/7 support of the Letz Live team you will never feel alone. Letz Live will always be there to offer any guidance and advice when needed, to ensure you Gap Year Placement is the best year it can possibly be.

Not only are you there to work, but with Letz Live Gap Year Placements you are offered the opportunities to accompany students on trips to international destinations and weekend and holiday outings. Build new friendships and great memories with Letz Live.

Start organising your Gap Year placement at for a year you won’t soon forget.