You Got Reviewed Soon To Go Live Online

YOU GOT REVIEWED is the creation of Paul and Jamie Klerck the new review system has been developed at a budget of $400,000 over four years.

This new state of the art review website is smart and so advanced it will make all other review websites obsolete. YOU GOT REVIEWED will officially launch across Australia, New Zealand and the US on the 1st of December 2012.

Paul and Jamie Klerck will head up the Australian and New Zealand operation whilst Mike  LoBello, Ted Willis and Gabriella Bodocs will head up the US operation.


YOU GOT REVIEWED is a new 100% fool proof review website that gives consumers an educated edge when choosing Dining, Accommodation, Transport, Entertainment or Shopping opportunities. We call it the YOU GOT REVIEWED D.A.T.E.S System. YOU GOT REVIEWED takes the traditional online review website to a new improved more interactive and most important fair for all system. Unlike many other review websites YOU GOT REVIEWED has its own unique algorithm that will flag a human moderation if the review looks potentially fake or bogus.

YOU GOT REVIEWED has been designed and developed with architecture to protect both the consumer and the business.

The reason YOU GOT REVIEWED is so unique and powerful is because the creators and architects Paul Klerck and Jamie Klerck know and understand SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media and with so much success achieved for many SME’s to date Paul and Jamie know what to look out for in real or bogus reviews. Many other review sites can’t flag or black list bogus reviews this inturn allows popular black-hat Internet marketing techniques to occur. Fake reviews are done by creating a fake review and posting fake reviews to review sites. This can’t and will not happen at YOU GOT REVIEWED.

A fake review site superficially looks like a real review site and claims to offer impartial comparison of one or more products or services. The difference is that the reviewer has never actually investigated any of the products or services. Parts of the review may be based on the marketing literature that the reviewer received from the supplier; and other parts, such as testimonials and numerical ratings, are completely made up creating a false and misleading representation about the product, service or business offered. Even the Better Business Bureau or BBB in the US has come under fire in recent times because of their false and misleading reviews and business ratings.

Did you know that in 93% of most review websites that the reviewer gets a commission regardless of which product you choose provided you buy through one of the fake reviewer’s links? Naturally, the products that pay the highest commissions get the most favourable ratings. How is this beneficial to the consumer?

Fake reviews can be created and posted in seconds on most review sites for any product or service be it accommodation, electronics, dining, shopping, transport or even entertainment and are ubiquitous in most of these industries including accommodation, dining, weight loss, software, lending, online dating, and web hosting. They are so common that it’s almost impossible to find a real review for any of these products online these days. So what is a real review?

A real review takes a real user or consumers experience and confirms this. Unlike other review websites our unique technology will flag potential bogus reviews “Good, Bad or Otherwise” a YOU GOT REVIEWED moderator will then step in and moderate before a review will become live to the general public. Furthermore YOU GOT REVIEWED relies on our trustee reviewers as part of our YOU GOT REVIEWED “Ambassador Review Team” That’s right real reviewers that may happen upon or be requested anonymously by a business at any time any location to carry out a live on the spot review.

A business will normally come to realise that they GOT REVIEWED once a reviewer departs the premises the reviewer will normally leave a sticker on a paid account that will indicate a YOU GOT REVIEWED reviewer has attended that business for any reason this could be to dine, stay, travel, entertainment or just to shop.

A YOU GOT REVIEWED review will normally appear live on the website within 24 to 72 hours of a public reviewer attending a business for an opinion purpose. If a YOU GOT REVIEWED Ambassador attends and lodges a review it can be carried out instantly via our iPhone or Smart Phone applications.

YOU GOT REVIEWED will not and does not allow or rely on deceptive marketing methods that many other review sites allow and condone.

YOU GOT REVIEWED a reliable trust worthy source for reviews.