Plastic Injection Moulding Brisbane Toolmaking By Supaflow Engineering

Plastic Injection Moulding Specialists Supaflow have over 25 years experience in 3D Product Design, Plastic Toolmaking, Prototype Design, Prototype Production, Tool Design, Tool Manufacture and Plastic Moulded Product Production.

Supaflow Engineering mould a full range of engineering polymers and standard materials tailored to the exact specifications of our customer requirements. Supaflow work side by side with each and every client to ensure you are receiving high quality products that exceed your expectations.

Supaflow’s Plastic Injection Moulding Process can start with 3D Product Design and conceptualisation or begin with prototyping and manufacture of your own 3D CAD drawings. Transforming concepts and ideas into working 3D CAD models allows for instant quoting and manufacture and can completed by Supaflow’s top of the range CAD and CAM packages.

Supaflow Engineering’s Prototyping process reads all CAD file types to create complete Plastic Injection Moulding Tool Moulding and Product Manufacture. Using Stereolithography and FDM, Supaflow Engineering build a resin model for a basic fit and visual appraisal of your product.

Supaflow’s highly accurate, top quality tool design and manufacture is a result of CNC precision machinery and latest Injection Moulding technology combined with contemporary, clean working environment and experienced engineers. With 18 top model Plastic Injection Moulding Machines with a clamp tonnage of 35 to 220 tonne, Supaflow can mould items up to 650 grams. From Nylons, Polypropylenes, Polythylenes, Acetal, ABS, Polycarbonates, Styrene or a custom specified material, Supaflow Engineering Brisbane Plastic Injection Moulding create faultless, reliable production of your designs.

Supaflow Brisbane offer a service complete with

  • Design flexibility
  • Repeatability with tolerances
  • Low labour costs
  • Little to no finishing of moulded parts
  • Minimum wastage
  • Extensive range of material options

If you are looking for efficient and affordable Plastic Injection Moulding contact the professional team at Supaflow Engineering today on 07 3200 4044. Supaflow is local Brisbane Injection Moulding Company dedicated to working with you on your plastic moulding and toolmaking project. Visit for more information on our complete range of products and services.