A New Years Resolution Like No Other – Lose Weight, Swim, Holiday

As with every year in passing, I sit down in the wake of excitement with a blank piece of paper in the hope of filling it with inspiring words and goals to get me through the coming year. Simple things like – throw out old clothes, donate to The Salvos, read 1984, clean out the shed. But this year is different. This year I’m going to reduce the size and increase the quality of my new years resolutions. I’m going to make some big changes around here.

Weight Loss. Swimming Pool. Holiday.

As a part of my work I am fortunate to network with a variety of businesses in and around the Gold Coast. So, I thought, Why not take advantage of this and use them to fuel my new year’s resolutions.  Here are my findings:

New New Year’s Resolution 1: Lose 15 kilograms.
Self Reported Data from the Australian National Health Survey showed that 47% of Australians aged over 15 years were overweight. Of these, one third (2.5 million) were obese. As an overweight person myself, I thought these figures would make me feel better. As you rightfully suspected, they didn’t. But they were a motivator to shed some pounds. In an effort to enter into the other 53% of Australian’s I gave Orbera Managed Weight Loss Program a call. I want a lifestyle change and I’ve tried every trick in the diet book, so I have my first appointment with Dr Silverman at the Orbera Weight Loss Solutions Clinic on Monday. They have a great free info night if you’re interested, but in a nut shell it’s a non-surgical weight loss method that helps control how much you eat in a program that encourages long term weight loss. Wish me luck!

New Year’s Resolution 2: Swim More.
Although this is another “Do More” resolution, it is actually more about me wanting a swimming pool than anything else. The only exercise I actually love is swimming and to encourage this I am going to install a Lap Pool. I know right! What a huge investment! Last year I renovated my home, and I think the added value of a pool will create the outdoor area to finish it off. It’s also been a childhood dream. So this pool, courtesy of Casino Pools and Spas, is for me.

New Year’s Resolution 3: Take a Holiday
I haven’t been on a holiday for over a year. After I transform my body and my home I am going to reward myself and spend a week over Christmas in Byron. With thanks to the team at Byron Central Apartments I can really explore northern New South Wales while having all the amenities of home. Beach on my doorstep, rolling hills out the backyard, Byron Bay is just one of those Australia locations you absolutely must take the time to see! Check out Byron Central for an affordable holiday in comfort and luxury.

So there I have it. A list of brand spanking new year resolutions. Orbera will help me lose weight, Casino Pools are going to encourage me to entertain in my backyard (oh and to keep swimming!) and Byron Central Accommodation will see me through the year of work! What are your new year’s resolutions?