Increase Accessibility with a Home Lift Disabled Lift by Aussie Lifts

Feel safer in your home with Aussie Lifts range of Home Lifts and Disabled Lift services. If you are looking for mobility options that will aid your capacity to negotiate stairs and platforms, or to simply gain access to out of reach areas like cupboards and shelves, consider the range of Home Lift, Platform Lifts and Disabled Lift options.

Conventional Home Lifts and Stair Lifts consist of a motorised chair attached to a runner that will transport the user up the stairs. These home lifts are a great option for elderly or less mobile residents, however, those in wheelchairs will require a disabled lift option or platform lift to cater for their needs. Aussie homes have a range of highly portable disabled lift options available for hire or installation into the home.

Aussie lifts MobiLift portable wheelchair lift is an economical, manually operated disabled lift to provide disabled access to stages, conferences and auditoriums. With a complete range of hydraulic lifts and portable disabled lifts, the team at Aussie Lifts can cater for your residential, commercial or disabled lift use.

Aussie Lifts is a 100% Australia owned and operated company installing Home Lifts throughout Australia since 1994. Aussie Lifts have the simple, low maintenance and affordable Home Lift and Disabled Lift solution for your home.

Visit to view the complete range of residential lifts, home lifts, commercial lifts and disabled lift services. Aussie lifts pride themselves in supplying custom built home lifts that complement your building or home. For more information about the range Aussie Lifts Home Lifts call 07 3274 4211 today.