How To Increase Business Productivity With Google Apps Technology Business Gmail

Increase your small business productivity by utilizing the power of Google Apps with Google’s infrastructure and technology to take your business to the next level.

Whether you have 1 or 2 staff members or an entire team of staff members, every business owners main priority is to streamline processes which in turn produces more profit and steady growth. Google Apps provides business grade Gmail and Google Applications for your business and its staff members. Business Gmail is just the beginning to the suite of applications provided when you sign up to a Google Apps business account. Also provided is the easy to use Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Docs and many more applications all available online. We are true advocates of the Google Apps system, as we do use it every day so we are talking from experience.

Having world class Spam filtered email available on any computer in the world is just one of the unique features that has lead Website Promotion to using Business Gmail accounts. We have our entire staff sync their iPhones to the shared Google Calendar that lets them all know when clients are coming and going, where senior staff are and when up coming meetings are.

Google Apps has streamlined our work flow including our mobile office, which is becoming more and more popular within other small businesses at the moment. Having staff members out on the road promoting your businesses products is fantastic, but how much better would it be if all their appointments were up in “the cloud” and able to sync between other sales staff? How about PUSH email which allows emails to be delivered to an iPhone or Laptop immediately, using the class leading Gmail Cloud System. Contacts are automatically synced between smart phones and computers, so as you meet new clients their contact details can be found on any of your Google Apps synced devices.

Internet Marketer is Queensland’s number one Google Apps provider, providing technology solutions for small and large businesses including migration from older Email systems. They provide Google Apps solutions from start to finish and will help you streamline your business, increasing productivity and efficiency. Embracing technology used to be difficult until the experts at Internet Marketer showed small businesses just how easy it is!

Sync your iPhones/Android phones to your computers back at the office or at home, then to the cloud and never miss a meeting, lose a clients contact details or lose an email with the power of Google Apps for businesses. Get in touch with Internet Marketer’s Google Apps Specialists today on 1300 663 664 to talk about converting your Domain Name for Google Apps or visit to harness the power that’s on offer from Google.