Nickelodeon Suites Resort Review – Bad Service, Staff and Facilities – Australians Give it a Miss

Nickelodeon Suites Resort Orlando.

Let me give fellow Australian travelers some advice on this resort. Lets me start with the name nickelodeon Suites Resort. This place is a total nightmare it is an architectural nightmare. I can’t actually believe I booked in here again I stayed at this hotel Christmas time approximately seven years ago. And as I remember it was not a real good experience back then as the rooms looked really aged and tired then, but guess what? Seven years later they look just as bad but worse. But one should not expect to much after all this property was formally a Holiday Inn property that was built back in 1992. Believe me when I say it is old, shabby and tired and definitely not worth the coin they ask especially for a Dora themed suite that is nothing more than one small pokey sized doorless room with a painting of Dora on the wall. So the vision of a Dora themed kids suite is a joke, don’t get ripped off and pay the extra for one of these suites especially if they try the up sell of a lagoon view, turn it the view of the lagoon pool can be viewed from the exterior balcony not from the room because the windows are so small and pokey.

I very rarely get my back up and speak my mind about poor service and low standards when it comes to the Americans because they pretty well pride themselves on customer service, after all this is how they earn they daily pay.

As we pulled up to the Nickelodeon Suites Resort today we were met with a smile from the security guy on the boom gate and then the Bell Boy who helped us with our bags and then we proceeded to check in. Thirty five dollars later on in tips for the Bell and bag boys our bags got delivered to our.  All of this This was really fast and pain free until we had to find our room. or better still a car park. The reason why the room was so hard to find was because the instructions the front desk staff give you. The fail to tell you where your room is they say your in building 8 for example our room is 830 so it was actually on the 3 floor despite seeing several staff members around building 4 getting real instructions or help to our room was near impossible. So by the time we made it to our room we were all soaking wet from walking from building to building in the rain.

So my wife and her sister decided to head down and get some food for dinner but by the time they got down stairs after showering and getting some dry clothes on all the food court was closed. So what then, we had a choice of microwaved pizza from room service. “Yum Yum” what is wrong with these guys? Why wouldn’t they offer a healthy option from room service? Because it was after 10pm and room service is a limited, what a joke. So I rang up and decided to vent my issues and concerns on a front desk staff member Shevelle who really did not give a dam. I addressed the bad directions to the room and the lack of a door on the children’s room. Her reply was that they used to have doors on the rooms but kids kept locking themselves in the room, I told her not to insult my intelligence with such a stupid response. After all you can get door handles with dual locks or better still leave the door locks off. Then she replied that nickelodeon is a kid friendly family resort and they need to protect children from what could happen from behind doors. Honestly what sort of sick deranged people are running this resort?

Lets take a look at this whole kid friendly issue for a minute, how friendly is it to kids if they can’t sleep because the parents are watching a television program in the main room? The parents can go to their bedroom and watch TV but keep in mind the TV’s are really old CRT sets and the reception is really bad on 80% of the channels. This hotel is neither kid friendly or practical in anyway.

This hotel is poor in guest services and service the two bedroom suite I booked with a kitchenette is a joke. What good is a kitchenette if it has nothing but a microwave, bar fridge and kettle? No plates or cutlery it is a bloody disgrace.

I then attempted to call front desk no less than five times and not once did they answer or pick up the phone again so I called the hotel on my mobile and guess what straight through. I asked the front desk girl why my room calls were not answered she asked me when did I call I replied to her that I had been trying for now less than 25 minutes with no luck. She said oh that’s because the staff were going home but now she was on that’s why she answered. What type of bull was she trying to spin me? These guys truly operate their property with a cartoon mentality. They don’t live in the real world.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst 10 being the best I would rate this property the following:

Service: 1

Staff: 3 Very Rude and not helpful

Suites: -1  No Utensils in kitchenette no door on kids room.

Pool Area: 7

Play Area for Kids: TBA

Activities for Kids: TBA

In closing do I think nickelodeon Resort Orlando is a good place to stay? Well if you are an Australian and traveled thousands of miles to get here? The answer is no, save your money there is a lot better accommodation options in Orlando available for the money.

Paul Klerck