Celebrating Australia Day in the Gold Coast

26th of January brings with a celebration of all things Australian. Reminiscing the past, this significant event began as a celebration of the foundation of the Australian colony. It was 26 January 1788 when Captain Arthur Philip took formal possession of the then-British colony and became the first governor. In 1818, the celebration became official as part of the 30th anniversary of the colony’s settlement by Europeans. Until 1838, on its 50th anniversary, it became the first official public holiday. It was then called as “Foundation Day” and usually accompanied with heaps of sports events and competitions. The most popular sports played during these times were horse racing and sailing.

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History also proves that Australia has a rich diversified culture and this commemoration is one of the most celebrated events for all Australians. Gold Coast being surrounded with a number of theme parks and beach resorts, is one of the most destined places not only for locals but for visitors around the world. The famous Surfers Paradise which is the home of best surfing spots is also the most visited place for party and holiday-goers. It is truly amazing that Gold Coast has a wide range of accommodation and a perfect getaway for celebrating Australia Day. Movie World, Wet n’ Wild and Dream World are just some of the must-visit places in the Coast for you and your family.

You can celebrate Australia Day along the golden sandy beaches of the Coast or feel the tranquility of Mount Tambourine in the North. Visitors can find the best accommodations in Gold Coast with the best amenities. A lot of hotels, condos and resorts can be found of your choice at cost-effective rates. Campervans and car hire are also available if you are planning to celebrate the event through camping along mountain and forest resorts. You will be surprised of Gold Coast’s excellent amenities at affordable prices.

Indeed, the Gold Coast is a world class symbol of holiday of Australia and you will easily find fantastic accommodation with as many options as you want during your visit. Find more about accommodation in the Coast with Gold Coast Infolink, the finest directory to look for cheap accommodation deals. Celebrate Australia Day with a bang, escape to the Coast.