Who Will Leave The Block? Channel 9’s The Block AllStars Star Has Suspected Heart Attack

The stress and pressure has hit one of the Block All Stars favourites “Mark”

As everyone is asking the question “who leaves the block 2013? Mark” and he will be replaced by Dale

On Monday night this coming week, Mark (55 yo) ”Mark and Duncan”, has a major heart concern. An ambulance is called to The Block.

It is reported that Mark felt tight in the chest and was having trouble breathing.

Mark stats that they laid me down and Keith took my pulse and they called an ambulance.

Make know mistake The Block creates a high risk highly stressful environment for the contestants. Mark accepted Channel 9′s decision and that he isn’t well enough to continue with his renovation duties as an All Star.

Dale (Sophie & Dale) has agreed to stand in for Mark although when the property goes for Auction it will still be a Mark & Duncan property.

Our sympathy and best wishes for Mark and we prey he has a speedy recovery, I think it is reasonable to say that both Mark and Duncan were a couple of favourites with fans of this years series.

It wil be interesting to see how the rest unfolds, keep watching the block for more updates on Mark.

InfoLink IT… wish Mark and his family all the best. We are huge fans of the show.