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Brisbane Insolvency Lawyers

Are you insolvent? Do you know or suspect you know someone that maybe experiencing insolvency related issues?

What is insolvency?

Insolvency is when a person or business can no longer pay all their debts when they fall due, this is when you or your business is considered to be insolvent.

Insolvency is established quite easily by the following financial model for most individuals and businesses it’s this simple. Money is earned, and money is paid out. The aim, of course, is to ensure that the money that comes in is more than, or at least equal to the money going out in bills and expenses. Any money left over after paying bills is known as company or business profit, or disposable income for an individual.

When the money paid out is more than the money coming in, debts are created. These may be in the form of credits cards, overdrafts, unpaid salaries, unpaid super, invoices, overdue rent or mortgage, tax owed, or simply unpaid bills.

If those bills cannot be paid when they are due, the business or individual is considered to be insolvent. It is against the law to trade insolvent.

These days there are many options for an insolvent business or individual to look to as a remedy for this problem . Irish Bentley Lawyers they can help you work through these financial problems to create an outcome that will best suit your situation. Do not fall victim to so called online insolvency  specialists that will desperately try and convince you in to bankruptcy, part 9, part 10 or even a Section 73 proposal without talking with a credible insolvency specialists for Irish Bentley Lawyers.

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