Concrete Floor Finishing With Flexico Queensland Protect Your Concrete Garage Floors

Protect your Garage Floors during these massive down pours of  rain over Queensland using Flexico Queensland’s Polyurea Floor Coatings. The biggest concern both residents and commercial concrete floor owners will have during late January is moisture rising through the soil, up into their concrete flooring – potentially causing it to crack, discolour and have reduced resistance if items are dropped onto it. Flexico Queensland has a professional team of floor covering and floor finishing experts that can both assess and resolve your flood affected garage floor or driveway.

The general public is familiar with the term Epoxy, and possibly even Epoxy Floors but the general public is unaware that a product exists that is not environmentally damaging, doesn’t produce any odors, can be applied to most surfaces within 1 day and is 4 times stronger than normal Epoxy Flooring. Flexico Queensland offers the following surfaces throughout the Gold Coast right up to the Sunshine Coast:

  • Citadel Polyurea Floor Coatings (10 year Residential Guarantee)
  • Flexifloor Garage Floor Covers including:
  • DiamondTrax
  • RibTrax
  • SportTrax
  • Garage Storage Solutions
  • Flexiwall

To learn more about Concrete Floor Finishes using Australia’s only environmentally friendly, hard wearing concrete floor coating get in touch with the team at Flexico Queensland on (07) 5527 2012 or visit their website If you are looking for a realistic lawn, artificial synthetic grass is one of the recommended options.