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Let’s face it we all know that bricks and mortar retailers can’t compete with online stores as they have higher overheads and massive wage bills, however they do offer and provide convienience but at a high cost.

I came across Cable Magic when I went into a well known retailer to purchase 4 x 2 metre HDMI Cables 3 Optical Audio Leads and some speaker wire. I asked the salesman for his best price then he said it depends on the quality and if I want HDMI 1.3 or 1.4 I said I don’t know just give me the better quality. He then gave me a special price of $139 each a discount from $179. I nearly died I politely told him where he could plug his HDMI Cables at that price.

I told him I could do way better online he said go for it, I researched a few Cable suppliers and came across Cable Magic their cable prices were not over inflated and their variety was great. They offered exactly the same Monster HDMI Cable for only $55 each. I had to ask the question why the huge price difference? Two words people “Retail Rent” do not get caught out when quality HDMI Cables matter, shop around.

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