Protect Your Home and Business with Rated Glass Windows and Rated Glass Doors

It is hard to be prepared in the face of unexpected natural disasters, as demonstrated by the recent events inflicted upon local Queensland residents and business owners. As cyclones, floods and tropical storms tear through Northern Queensland and Brisbane hundreds of families and businesses begin the long process of building their lives, homes and offices from the fragments left behind. The unfortunate power of hindsight begins to set in as restoration and repairs are focused on prevention and preparation.

Total Concept Group support the victims of the recent tragedies and offer their services to all local Brisbane and Gold Coast residents looking for the replacement of glass windows and doors. Total Concept Group recommend the strength and protection offered by Rated Glass solutions.

Total Concept Group Rated Glass all contain strengthened glass treated to withstand extreme force. Total Concept Group range of Rated Glass including cyclone rated glass, fire rated glass, flood rated glass and acoustic rated glass:

For more information on rated glass solutions by Total Concept Group Gold Coast visit or call 1300 770 752 to protect your property with rated glass solutions.