Sea Pen – The Modern Antifouling System

Most of us are strongly oblivious of the harm that mooring could cause damage on our boats and since not all have sufficient knowledge about this fact, many people spend more money in order to fix their boat not knowing what the main problem is. What you need is to get through the main cause of the problem and cut its roots so that you will be able to prevent future damages to occur again.

Your traditional mooring is the root cause of all of these as it allows your water craft to be exposed longer underneath the sea, making it available for barnacle attachment which in turn causes your hulls to get damaged and your engines to malfunction. What then is the best way to attain a maximum level of boat protection? Introducing Sea Pen, the modern technology’s best alternative to keep your boat surfaces and engines flawless!

Often times, you would settle for other alternatives like cheap antifouling for boats which includes expensive coating and paints. Don’t you know that this could furthermore contribute to the problem as these chemicals produce toxins that may be very harmful to the marine life? Sea Pen values harmony between the human and marine biodiversity, making sure that both groups benefit mutually from each other. There’s no such thing as safe antifouling paints either they are made from the natural element or not, these are still chemicals which has still the great potential to diffuse on the sea, damaging the blue waters. Furthermore, due to prolonged submersions by the sea, the protecting effects of these paints or coating will just soon fade away, causing you to spend another bill of money to have it reapplied. With Sea Pen, you need not to renew anything as it is guaranteed to last longer with your water craft. With all these benefits from one solution, you’d surely have Sea Pen to take care after you possessed water crafts.

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