Weight Loss Solutions Lap Band Surgery Tugun Gold Coast

With ongoing increasing levels in Australia, obesity has become more than a lack of will power and lowered self esteem, but rather these are associated effects of a obesity, itself a disease. Weight loss through conventional diet and exercise methods are not a permanent solution having little to no effect.

Alternative methods are essential with life changing effects. Lap Band Surgery or Laparoscopic Banding, is a safe and viable option to suppress hunger and reduce body weight. Lap Band Surgery is a world recognised non-invasive weight loss option giving real results that will get you doing the things you love. Lap Band Surgery is a reversible, adjustable keyhole surgery that will allow you to shed kilos in a manageable way, giving you the body you always wanted.

Obesity is a prevailing disorder within Australian Society. Apart from the daily lifestyle impairments including sleep apnea and degenerative joint disease, obesity is an independent risk factor for death from coronary heart disease. Gallbladder disease, insulin resistance, diabetes and some forms of cancer are all very real life threatening health risks associated with obesity.

Don’t live knowing the health risks, find out how you can change your lifestyle; giving you and your family peace of mind, knowing you are on the road to a new life.

If you are looking for permanent weight loss solutions contact Dr Layani’s Obesity Surgery Centre, located on the Gold Coast.