IT Traineeships Versus Entry Level IT Jobs ACIT

Finding an entry level IT job is easier for tertiary graduates than school leavers, given their recently acquired IT skills. Although a prospering growth sector, the IT industry presents itself with a certain level of competitiveness when it comes to entry level positions, with weight given to applicants with IT industry experience. So follow us as we consider the benefits of an IT traineeship.

So for those considering studying IT, multimedia or telecommunications find a course that offers intensive work place experience because this is what will set you apart when it comes to applying for entry level IT jobs.

When leaving study, either as a school student or tertiary graduate finding full time employment is not always an easy option. To enter into a specific industry whether it is IT, web design, web development, network administration, telecommunication or graphic design, there are sometimes more options when applying as a trainee or apprentice.

An IT or multimedia traineeship or apprenticeship means becoming an employee of the company. Often there are government funded programs for both student and employer for traineeships within Australia. With an IT Traineeship you are guaranteed a paid work placement at least one day per week, generally up to 40 days.

Within a reputable IT Traineeship you will receive a nationally recognised qualification while gaining invaluable industry experience, placing you in good stead for a position within that IT firm or elsewhere in the industry should you choose. IT traineeships might seem limiting when it comes to compensation however don’t underestimate the potential to grow within your workplace as an intern. An IT traineeship is a unique opportunity to explore a range of areas within the industry (outside of the copy room!) including design, developing, systems administration, marketing and business management.

Kick start your IT career with an IT Traineeship or Multimedia training course at the Australian College of Information Technology. Find out how an IT Traineeship can lead to a successful and rewarding career by visiting or speaking to our friendly student support center on 07 5578 8122.