How To Clean Graffiti Off Signs – Commercial Graffiti Cleaning Products

Removing Graffiti from signs and public advertising has usually resulted in simply replacing the sign after countless attempts to clean the sign. Cleaning Graffiti off Acrylic Signs, plastic, steel and vinyl signs often removes the letters, creating deep scratch marks and stripping the paint. Brisbane company, Graffiti Enz understands first hand your frustration and tireless efforts to maintain a clean, respectable image of your business – Graffiti Free!

Graffiti Enz, tired of being on the losing side of the vandals, has developed a Graffiti Cleaning Product that is tough on Graffiti Spray Paint but delicate on underlying surfaces and the environment. Without harsh elbow grease Graffiti Enz Environmentally friendly Graffiti Cleaning Products remove most types of graffiti from most Signage surfaces:

  • acrylic painted surfaces
  • signs with vinyl lettering
  • stainless steel
  • painted brick
  • vinyl particle board
  • painted vehicle and trucks

Graffiti Enz Graffiti Cleaning Wipes and Solution for Commercial Business removes graffiti easily and safely. Graffiti Enz Commercial Cleaning Products for Signs is fast and effective. It is environmentally friendly, non-flammable, bio-degradable, water soluble, non-toxic. Spray paint is a harsh chemical substance designed to last. Graffiti Enz wanted a chemical that didn’t require the same toxic qualities to remove. Graffiti Cleaning and removal doesn’t have to destroy the underlying surface with Graffiti Enz Commercial Graffiti Cleaner.

Graffiti Enz Graffiti Cleaner is available at all Supercheap Auto stores or online at