One Stop Heater Hire and Rental Shop!

Cool Breeze Rentals provide temporary and portable heating options for rental, hire and sale out of their Australia Wide branches including North Queensland, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Cool Breeze Rentals offer a variety of different heating options including

  • Electronic Radiant Heaters – Ceramic Infrared Heaters offer a significant advance in comfort heating technology. They work by turning energy into heat rather than light, providing direct controllable warmth wherever required with the minimum of wasted energy.
  • Patio Heaters – Large heating capacity for your general heating application and are available in a nice sleek design with stainless and other finishing options.
  • LPG Radiant Heaters – Manufactured from high quality materials that result in a robust well finished construction. They also provide optimal long range heating with a 45kg bottle and are neat in appearance.
  • LPG Jet Fire Heaters – Jet-fire heaters and dryers are specifically designed to provide an instant, reliable and efficient source of heat anywhere, anytime.
  • Electronic Fan Forced Heaters – Micro Furnace and Industrial Electric fan forced heaters are extremely safe, very powerful and energy efficient. We have the heater to suit your requirements and your available power.

Cool Breeze Rentals prides themselves on being a trusted supplier to many major events, facilities management, mechanical service and health service related companies as we provide expert advice, service and equipment with our 24/7 back-up.

Cool Breeze Heater Rentals offers a 24/7 Emergency Service. So if your heater breaks down, you know who to call!