PolFloors Concrete Floor Coatings Business Promotion by Website Promotion

Jamie Klerck of Australian Website Promotion company is really happy that Australian management of iCoat Floor Coats division continued with a their online marketing and Internet Marketing support team. We will be working extensively to help the PolFloors achieve their monthly KPI’s etc. Currently we drive generate 20 to 30 new floor coating leads per day through our Floor Coats website. The grat part for them as part of our SEO and social media marketing side we have all bases covered and loaded and the risk is miniml as they areĀ  pay per lead client.

PolFloors Flooring Creations with no Limitations

Welcome to the most advanced flooring solution provided to the home domestic, commercial and industrial market place Australia wide. Quite clearly PolFloors is a far superior quality based complete flooring solution than traditional epoxy of two pack floor coatings, For years your choices and product choices have been inferior based on range, longevity, maintenance and application. PolFloors ticks all the boxes including aesthetics and value for money.

Floor Coatings Specialist

We provide floor coatings and restorations for Australian homes and businesses

  • We can apply our coatings or restore our coatings over almost any other pre-existing floor type.
  • Driveways
  • Garages
  • Pathways
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Entertaining Areas
  • BBQ Areas
  • Even Swimming Pool Interiors