Paul Klerck Australia’s Best SEO Secures Major US SEO Contract

Since 1999 Paul Klerck has pioneered search engine positioning on the major search search engines for his clients across Australia. These days Paul’s services are in high demand Internationally especially from a growing client base in the US. Paul has just returned from the US after 4 months of major consultation work with a US client.

Paul states that this SEO and Internet Marketing package is one of the largest SEO packages we have done since the affiliate marketing and SEO packages for Breakfree Resorts and Apartments and the S8 Resorts and Apartments. Make no mistake people are now starting to wise up that real business leads come from real SEO results. We are excited in current growth that InfoLink IT is currently experiencing even in tough economic times we keep growing and with some major new online concepts being developed in house we are excited about our continued growth.

The IT business is a funny is a challenging business states Paul and it is very important to stay on top of your game. We have clients like Dave Adam from Flexico that relies purely on our SEO services to promote his floor coatings. Dave has no or little faith in traditional advertising methods like the newspaper. Dave states that contact from print advertising are lot less qualified that contact via the web.

InfoLink IT is preparing to take on some financial working partners to help reduce the work and financial load on current projects including the new affiliate ¬†management for Leisurecom “Where Going To Vegas Baby” holiday adventures.

If you are doing it tough especially with Google changing its rules all the time then you need to speak with InfoLink IT on 1300 663 664.