Perth Car Hire Business Burswood Car Rentals Step Up Their Search Engine Optimisation in 2014

As 2014 gets underway we are finding may business owners are still suffering the Google Hummingbird fallout, we know all to well if your site lost positioning it was due this Google update. We witnessed major websites fall from grace instantly and they still have not made any headway.

Most business owners are refusing to accept or understand the issues, and unfortunately for them they are loosing dollars minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day because their website got hit by the Hummingbird update. So what are the options available to a business owner?

Lets look at Burswood Car Rental as a case study these guys always held many top 10 Google results for Perth car hire, Perth car rental and many other search terms. But after the update we witnessed a major drop in traffic and enquiry. So our first task is to make the site Google happy then keep pushing the core related keywords via Social Media Facebook campaigns and competitions.

Burswood Car Rentals Perth takes pride in delivering a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Including free airport pick up and valet drop back service.

The owner of Burswood  Car Rentals is dedicated to making his car hire business stand out online in 2014.

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Free Airport Pick Up and Valet Drop Back Service

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