How to keep your cuckoo clocks in shape?

Antique clocks, most of the time, are wrongly perceived as not-needing any maintenance at all for all its years of existence. This is of course, not true. Anything that’s used, even our bodies, do need some form of repair and maintenance. Failure to do so might do more damage than the accumulated dust and long use might do. But generally, they do not need frequent attention to stay functional unlike the newer generation cuckoo clocks.

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Your Stylish Grandfather Clock deserves as much as ‘cleaning’ attention as it gets in checking the time. How you take care of your grandfather clock is just the same as taking care of your mantle clocks though they differ in size and weight. The ‘huge’ difference does not readily suggest that the bigger clock needs more attention than the smaller clock.

To best take care of your clock, make sure that from the beginning, your choice of clock fits the attention you may be able to give it. If you’re a busy body with not much time for cleaning activities, you’d have to opt for the older types of clocks as they’re usually made of materials built to last (like pure cherry, oak or mahogany). Also, old clocks are weight-driven as opposed to spring-driven clocks. The latter generally has a shorter life span than the former. It is also of great help if you buy only to direct dealers rather than on retail shops. Dealers are in a best position to give you professional advice as well as do some repairs and maintenance within the warranty period. When shopping for antique clocks, you’d need to personally visit the store and check on the available clocks rather than buy through brochures and ask for delivery right away. You’ll never know when the unit delivered to was of good quality. Cuckoo Clock Nest provides extraordinary clocks in Australia at a reasonable price with high standards of quality from the experts. For more information, visit or contact them through phone, +61 7 5545 1334 or email