Google’s Latest Update Creates Headaches For Website Owners Find Out Why

Many website owners have been pulling their hair out in recent times with Google’s latest updates as Panda and Penguin create headaches in the online world.

So why as Google done this? Many say that Google is really trying to force website owners to pay per click. Others say that Google is giving big business a helping hand and really does not care about small business. And then there is others saying that Google had to clean up their results because they were full of spam.

Whatever the reason I firmly believe that Google’s latest update has gone way over the top. If you are a Google searcher go and do a search on Google then go to Bing and see for yourself what search engine delivers a better result. I believe that Bing delivers a far better result currently for user it delivers a lot more relevant results based on the search requested. Google has gone to far trying to control and over police their results.

So how can you fix your Google results? Go back to basics good quality content, ood quality back links, image tagging, and a good mix of social media or alternatively contact our team of SEO specialists at Website Promotion to discuss our SEO packages. We have numerous methods that will see your website climb its way back to the top of Google within two to three weeks of making all corrective changes.

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