Search Engine Optimization Ethics

There is a lot of confusion regarding SEO and its relationship to spam. At Website Promotion we believe legitimate SEO enhances the user experience, while we agree spamming detracts from it; the problem lies in the vast grey areas in between.

Ethical search engine optimizers (also know as whitehat SEOs) are professionals who follow the rules laid down by the search engines, and they avoid using means that fool the search engines algorithms. Search engines actually specifically rebuke certain SEO practices whose objective is to override the search software, so that SEOs that use these methods to rank a site high have reputations as unethical.

The search industry has grown exponentially, and as of yet, there are no rules governing optimization methods or practices that bind professionals. However, as sites increase in number and pose more and more competition to one another, SEOs are gaining more importance, driving the use of ethical practices instead of short-term manipulations.

At Website Promotion we never violate any specifically published and enforced rules of any search engine. Only whitehat SEO practices are performed so optimization takes place naturally, and not artificially.