Brisbane Lawyers Irish Bentley Relocate to Brisbane City

Brisbane Lawyers, Irish Bentley Lawyers have relocated to 99 Creek Street in Brisbane City. Zeke Bentley said it was time to make a move as his Brisbane law firm had out-grown their Kangaroo Point office. The move is part of my expansion plans for my Brisbane legal practise.

Irish Bentley have witnessed some major growth in many areas of law including insolvency, migration, taxation, defamation, criminal and land rights. I believe the move was important for my firm to keep growing. But of our growth has come from online marketing, we are investing a lot of money in to our online marketing. We contracted Paul Klerck SEO specialist and in recent times we have had InfoLink IT rebuild our main Irish Bentley Lawyers website and now their SEO division have taken over. In less than 2 months we have shot from page 11 on Google to the top of page 2 for Brisbane Lawyers. I am looking forward to the additional business that page 1 results will give us.

Working with Paul Klerck of InfoLink / Website Promotion has been an experience of learning for me as a lawyer, I never had any idea what was involved in achieving better Google rankings under Paul sat and drew me a clear picture. I am so glad he did, I have now contracted Paul Klerck and his team to rebuild my Australian Migration website The Migration Place as he has already worked hard on getting this to the front page of Google now it is time to give it a face lift as well.

The move to Brisbane City has been an exciting but challenging move, but a move that needed to happen to keep up with the law firms rapid growth and expansion. We welcome all new clients to drop us a line on (07) 3229 4060 and make an appointment to come in to our new address  5/99 Creek St, Brisbane.

This is just another example of a business that has experienced growth and expansion because of the online marketing efforts and expertise of Paul Klerck and his team of SEO Specialists and Internet Marketers. If you need help to grow you business pick up the phone and call Paul on 1300 663 664 or 0417 629 828.