Telemarketer Scam By Strategic Telemarketing Sydney

How can a company take $5164.50 from another business and fail to supply a product or service? Well this exactly what Strategic Telemarketing Sydney have done to Nick Ray from Solarution.

Nick was sold on a lead generation program at $50 per qualified lead a minimum of 4 hours per day with a minimum of 100 hours paid in advance and a set up fee of $164.50. Nick asked for a contract they refused they said they did not work like that there was nothing to contract it was a straight forward deal of 100 hours for $5000 plus the set up fee.

Well after Nick paid in full the first day they generated no leads from 3.5 hours the second day 3 leads from 2.5 hours  on the 3rd day Nick questioned and their ability as the leads were either poor quality or lack of.

Nick said if you can’t do better please discontinue the campaign I am happy to pay for hours already carried out  and the set up fee and please fund the balance, since this day they have been unavailable on the phone refuse to communicate and do not answer emails.

Now Nick is taking this upon himself and making other potential victims of this rip off scheme set up by Strategic Telemarketing Sydney. My suggestion is Buyer Beware to anybody considering a campaign set up and managed.

Solarution has now contracted a Gold Coast telemarketing company called AUSTEL MARKETING in Varsity Lakes and they are doing a great job supplied 100 quality leads in one week.

Nick has requested Strategic Marketing to pay the balance of money back by COB Friday the 9th of December 2011 or he will continue his online endevours to warn other unsuspecting victims of Strategic Marketing Sydney.

Oh and by the way the display on the own website “RESULTS NOT EXCUSES” but then this is what you get in emails.

Hi Nick,

Apologies this is a little late getting to you – unfortunately our telemarketer could not complete her shift last night

So just 2.5 hours calling yesterday, generating 3 Warm Leads for your team to follow up, as attached

I trust these results are more to your expectations, as I felt would be the case. There’s always going to be particular days/areas that cause a ripple in the outcomes, just bad luck to hit it on the first day ….

Cheers  !!

Kind Regards,

Michael Udy

02 9911 6670