Virgin America Poor Customer Service Rude Staff Seating Scam

All Australians traveling to the United States of America should consider their flight options before choosing to fly with Virgin America, it is quite clear they have no regard for customer service or provide any level of compassion towards their customers. It appears that Virgin America have been tainted with the almighty US dollar bug.

The following is a letter I have sent to Virgin America customer service on the 29th of April 2012  but as of today I still have had no reply.

To Whom it may concern head of customer service and complaints Virgin America.

My name is Paul Klerck, I am writing to you regarding my recent flight experience with Virgin America. From the time with we arrived at check-in we were treated with contempt and a potential rip off situation all over 3 checked bags for 4 passengers 3 main bags went over 1.5 pounds each so we had to transfer this out of each bag into a separate bag or we had to pay $50 additional per bag. Mind you we were travelling with 4 passengers one of which was a 2 year old do you discount a fare for a 2 year old “NO”

I have to admit when I stepped on board and realised that I had just been ripped off nearly $6000 for what I thought would be a great flight experience for me and my family I was really pissed off. What I experienced from Virgin America was somewhat annoying.

How can your airline justify the cost between normal seating and main cabin seating? Nearly $500 more per seat each way for nothing more? You portray that your seating is larger in your online advertising and then to find out that the 6 inches difference between normal cabin and main cabin is six inches in leg room, “What a scam” I tried to book 4 seats in a row with the aisle dividing us but you website would not allow this so I was crammed in next to the window only to find out that two late arrivals whom simply paid $100 extra per seat at the airport to get the main cabin upgrade got placed in the seats I tried to book. “Another Scam” This really rubbed salt into the wound.

When I fly with VAustralia from Australia to the US in Business Class and experience nothing but first class service. Your service was nothing, free drinks and food you advertise. When I requested a drink and a sandwich I had to wait nearly 45 minutes for a drink and a sandwich. The sandwich was wet and soggy as well, hardy fit for human consumption. In real Australian words this was a bloody disgrace.

When you read your seating description it is quite clear you are being deceptive in your wording conduct by seating pitch of 32 inches to 38 inches you seat sizes are the same size all the way through the cabin. And regarding to free entertainment this would be great if the sound on my seat even worked without constant tinkering with it constantly. Quit honestly to pay the money I paid for this second rate seating and service is appalling. Your head team leader on this flight and dark skinned man was nothing but rude to me and my family and other passengers as well.

I will not be choosing to fly with Virgin America again and will not be recommending any other Australians to fly with your airline either. You can fill you cabins with ambient lighting and self-rate yourself but the fact remains you can’t polish rubbish and quite clearly from my experience and opinion is what your airline is.

I suggest you come and see how VAustralia do it these days and trust me when I say that they have not always been the best but at least they listen and work on improving their faults for the benefit of their customers and the Virgin brand.

The following is the details of my return flight I suggest you refund the difference between normal cabin and main cabin seating costs or upgrade us on our return flight or I will be lodging a formal charge back complaint with Amex Centurion because you do not and have not supplied what you advertised on your website.

If you have had a bad experience with Virgin America also then tell us about it.

Paul Klerck