Coles Online Shopping Out Of Date Food Dumping Zone

Beware of Coles online shopping service, especially if you in a remote location. I recently made a purchase with Coles to value of nearly $600 to be delivered to a Hamilton Island Villa.

I made the online purchase on Sunday the 18th November from my home on the Gold Coast, the order was delivered on Wednesday 21st November around 10.30am, this worked well because we arrived the day before around lunch time so we purchased some supplies to get by from the local island general store.

The issue I have with Coles is that so many items ordered were not available so they substituted with alternatives which were really not suitable but the real issue was with the perishable items meat, poultry, milk and yoghurt. The chicken delivered was expiring on the day of delivery the yoghurt tubes for my son expired on the 23rd November despite ordering enough for our 10 day stay. The milk the supplied, A2 full cream was okay but they replaced my reduced fat A2 with skim A2 that expired on the 23rd the A2 full cream expired on the 28th thats a big difference considering we ordered 4 litres of each.

Now here comes the real banger the fruit and vegetables we ordered were disgusting I ordered fresh mint the supplied a tube how can I use that in juice, the mushrooms and rockmelons were slimy and fermenting when cut open the same with more than half the tomatoes. The potatoes in the bag were all going off after the second day we smelt a real bad smell in the villa we tracked it down to the Coles bagged potatoes. We attempted to cook the three so called fresh salmon fillets on the 24th for dinner when I took them out of the plastic bag they came in I dry reached because of the smell. they also got thrown out.

After my order arrived I rang up Coles because of the out of date chook and so much of our order was missing exchanged with crap we could or would never use and the meat missing. They credited the chook and the missing meat and one bottle of A2 skim milk because it had leaked all through the box.

In my opinion if you are coming to Hamilton Island do not fall for Coles online food delivery service as they will supply you with less than fresh food they will supply you with near out of date food that should be chucked out or reduced for quick sale. It is more viable and economical to shop at the local general store on the island you will pay a slight premium over Coles but the food will be fresh and you can see what you are paying for. With Coles it’s just like a freshness lucky dip.

Coles needs to overhaul their freshness policy on delivery and when somebody is ordering fresh food that is what should be delivered not the second rate rubbish they delivered to me and my family. After spending nearly $600 with Coles I have had to spend an additional $347 at the local general store on meat and perishables because the Coles food was not fit for human consumption.

Very Unhappy Coles Online Shopping Customer
Paul Klerck

If you have had a bad Coles Online Shopping Experience the register today and have you say. I am going to take my complaint to the Coles head office and the regional health department.