Beware Of Hoyts Oovie Movie Kiosks Returned On Time 2 Weeks Later Charged $36

This is a consumer warning to be careful when hiring a movie from a Oovie movie kiosk. If you return your movie on time and the machine is off or faulty and you have a choice take it back home with you or pass it to the business owner or a staff member. This is what happened in my case. I hired a movie call Cold Light of Day on the 13/01/2013 and returned it o the 14/1/2013 the machine was not functioning some boot up error. I asked the young bloke what I should do with it, he said leave with him he will return it.

Well last night I got an email from Hoyts Oovie customer service the charged me $36 forĀ  a second hand DVD that I had previously returned. So I wrote to the Oovie customer service and tried to explain my situation, it reads as follows:

Sent: Monday, 28 January 2013 11:14 PM
To: Kiosk Info
Subject: Re: Hoyts Kiosk Return Notification 5302303

This movie was returned the day after I burrowed it.

The machine was out of order I handed the dvd to Michael at the IGA and he said that wa sfine.

I am done hiring movies from your kiosk, I am now lodging a rip off report about this scamming.

I also hired Hotel Transylvania yesterday returned it tonight and the machine was down again I handed to the girl behind the counter. Once again how do I know it was returned.

This is becoming a bullshit scenario.

I will not hire more movies from you.

Refund the money or face the publicity.

Very pissed off customer.

Paul Klerck 0417 629828.

Here is the reply:

Hi Paul

Thank you for your email, but I would have preferred you didn’t direct foul language at me.

When you rent a dvd from us you are responsible for its return. If you can not return it, you need to contact us as advised on the screen. As we have no record of you making contact with us, I cannot refund this fee. You may want to go back and ask Michael for the dvd as you have paid for it.

I have checked on Hotel Transylvania and thankfully the kind girl at IGA returned your movie yesterday for you. I have included the return notification below.

Kind regards

Customer Service Representative

I am not the only person this has happened to please read these posts: